Currently, EDAA supports:

The Main Board is looking for young professionals in CAD for VLSI in Europe who are willing to spend some effort in defining new workshops and similar activities. E-Mail to the Secretary if you are interested to be involved! If money is a necessity for the success of such an event, applications for using some seed money can be made to the secretary.

Currently organized Conferences

EDAA is organizing a series of electronic design, design automation and test related conferences and workshops in Europe: The next major conference and exhibition will be: DATE23, 17-19 April, 2023 – Antwerp. For this event, EDAA is the main sponsor.

Previous Activities

  • In 2003, EDAA has started sponsoring new additional activities:
  • Previously sponsored DATE events were the following:
    • EDAC 90 in Glasgow
    • EDAC 91 in Amsterdam
    • EDAC 92 in Brussels
    • EDAC 93 with EuroASIC in Paris
    • EDAC-EuroASIC-ETC 94 in Paris
    • ED&TC 95 in Paris
    • ED&TC 96 in Paris
    • ED&TC 97 in Paris
    • DATE 98 in Paris
    • DATE 99 in Munich
    • DATE2000 in Paris
    • DATE01 in Munich
    • DATE02 in Paris
    • DATE03 in Munich
    • DATE04 in Paris
    • DATE05 in Munich
    • DATE06 in Munich
    • DATE07 in Nice
    • DATE08 in Munich
    • DATE09 in Nice
    • DATE10 in Dresden
    • DATE11 in Grenoble
    • DATE12 in Dresden
    • DATE13 in Grenoble
    • DATE14 in Dresden
    • DATE15 in Grenoble
    • DATE16 in Dresden
    • DATE17 in Lausanne
    • DATE18 in Dresden
    • DATE19 in Florence
    • DATE20 in Grenoble
    • DATE21 in Grenoble
    • DATE22 in Antwerp
  • Previous workshop-sized events were the following:
    • The first Workshop with in-co-operation status was SCOPES 2001.
    • In 2002, SCOPES was held together with LCTES: LCTES/SCOPES 2002.
    • SCOPES 2003 was held in Vienna.
    • SCOPES 2004 was held in Amsterdam.
    • SCOPES 2005 was held in Dallas.
    • SCOPES 2007 was held in Nice.
    • SCOPES 2008 was held in Nice.
    • SCOPES 2009 was held in Nice.
    • Since 2010 SCOPES was held in St. Goar.
    • MPSoC : International Forum on MPSoC organized by Ahmed Jerraya since July 2001 each year in different places all over the world.
  • EDAA has organised a System Design Technology roadmapping activity which produced early 1998 its now widely cited System Design Technology roadmap and the accompanying text, glossary and explanation of the roadmapping process.
  • In 1997, EDAA has been merged with the CAVE organization which ran a series of successful workshops from 1983 until 1996.